Angela’s Bio

For 30 years Angela has shared her music and ministry on the Christian television network, WACX SuperChannel 55 and has spoken at conferences and churches around the world. Whether she is speaking, teaching, singing or playing the piano, audiences are prompted to open the chamber rooms of their heart and experience real praise and real power for real change.

For over 15 years, Angela has produced & hosted the award winning television program, “The Power of Praise” seen on Central Florida’s SuperChannel and around the world on the World Wide Web, Cornerstone TV and other stations. She has come into people’s homes with the sounds of heaven as she invites the viewer to sing along and experience an encounter with God’s presence. “The Power of Praise” is unlike any other music program due to the inclusion of both the new Praise and Worship music and the old great hymns of the church. The program includes all styles and touches every generation. Angela’s prophetic sensitivity, down-to-earth style and great sense of humor, have made her an audience favorite.

She is known as a speaker, worship leader and artist who easily shares from the scriptures and her heart. It is not uncommon for Angela to move from the pulpit to the piano or from leading worship to singing an original spontaneous song of the Lord at the leading of the Spirit in the service. Often she takes request from the audience as she can play and sing most hymns and gospel music from Bill Gaither to Hillsong.

Angela has also ministered alongside some of the most prominent ministers and worship leaders both in America and around the world through television, conferences, events and crusades.  Yet Angela considers it just as much of an honor to be invited to sing and share for the youth in the local jails and Florida state prison and private home gatherings and wherever the invitation is extended. Transformed by the Power of Praise herself, Angela understands how the presence of God can touch and change an individual’s life.

Angela travels and speaks around the country in churches, women’s meetings and conferences. When you spend time out with Angela you will sense her passion for life, for others and most of all for God.

Angela describes her ministry passions as Worship/Music and through sharing and teaching a Bible studying her home and television programs, Christian Apologetics. Angela is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Apologetics from BIOLA University in Los Angeles, because of the impact Apologetics made during her college years (when she was challenged by a pluralistic approach to truth), Angela often says “Christianity is a unique religion known when we assert that not only does Christianity say there is only one God, but there is only one way to God.” Though these words are controversial outside of Christian circles, they are reflective of many of the questions that many both inside and outside the church are grappling with concerning the faith.  Angela believes that we should follow the direction of Titus 1:9….knowing both sound doctrine and how to respond those who contradict the faith.

Growing up in the televisions ministry, Angela has always had a soft spot in her heart for preachers kids and women in the ministry, especially pastors wives. In spring 2015, (after being prodded on for many years by her Pastoral mentor), Angela along with three other pastors wives from the Central Florida area formed “Leading Ladies”.  Beginning with a handful of women in Orlando, the ministry is now also Tampa and other are asking to begin a chapter in their area.

In everything she does, Angela believes the best ministry begins at home. She and her son, Michael read a chapter in the scriptures in the evening and pray. Her goal is to read through as much of the scriptures with him before he goes off to college in 2016.   After being single for a few years, Angela married Kenneth MacKenzie, a businessman and Board member of many charity and Christian organizations in the UK (including Wycliff Bible Translators, Prison Fellowship and Trinity Forum) in a beautiful wedding in London in June 2014.  Together they have 6 children and 16 grandchildren.  Angela feels so blessed beyond belief to be counted as on the  MacKenzie’s and now shares time between her homes in Orlando and Scotland.

To everything under heaven there is a season. And this is a season that God is shining His light on women after His own heart. She has recorded two music albums and three video specials. Angela’s newest CD “Power of Praise” produced by Aaron Lindsey represents a lifetime of preparation and her heart for impartation.

She is best described by Pastors in FL who say; “Angela’s heart is pure. She’s 100% ministry. You can’t go wrong with Angela”….” liberty in the Spirit & allows God to flow though her…. she gives clarity & power of the Word.”

Angela has a passion for this generation. Through her effective presentation of word and song and God’s anointing for ministry, she is fulfilling His purpose for her life. You will sense her passion for music and worship, for others, for a funny story,  and most of all, for God. She is living life with joy, and wants to help others live the life promised to all followers of Christ.